We are a company dedicated to skin care determined to give our patients specialized treatments based on cutting edge technology under medical supervision and unique products.

We offer:

Our mission:

Satisfy skin care necessities for our clients and enhance everyone’s natural beauty by offering them specialized treatments and unique dermocosmetics.

María Pérez Banuet S.
Business Strategist and Digital Marketing Manager

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Global Services Providers S.A. de C.V. is a leading provider of engineering solutions across multiple sectors like telecommunications, energy, transportation and new technologies, among others. We provide outsourcing solutions and consultancy for international companies in order to increase their production and to expand their business to Mexico and Latin America.

Built upon a global footprint, with over 13 years of history on the Mexican market, we have a business model for international partners which derives in special opportunities, cutting edge technology and global competitiveness.

As a result, GSP offers a broad range of integral solutions that contribute to customers’ success and quality improvement. Along its commitment to the environment, GSP delivers total value to customers and employees worldwide, every day.

Our competitive strength.

Some of our services.

Lic. Ricardo Giles Chávez

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Divisiones de negocio

MDC Empleos es una compañía experta en la administración de la fuerza laboral, además de ofrecer servicios de reclutamiento, selección, evaluación e investigación de personal. Nuestros clientes reciben soluciones integrales para mejorar la eficiencia de sus organizaciones.

MDC Manejo de Materiales ofrece el Sistema Lean MDC, que es el método más moderno, versátil y revolucionario para facilitar el flujo continuo de materiales en las líneas de producción e implementar la filosofía de trabajo de la Manufactura Esbelta.

MDC Global es la marca más reconocida en soluciones de Consultoría y Capacitación, con 35 años de experiencia, siendo un socio estratégico para nuestros clientes, ayudándolos a incrementar su productividad y a desarrollar el talento de su capital humano.

Arturo Guadarrama Garza

 +52 55 6725 7019

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Art & design studio aimed at bolstering innovation to new levels on contemporary and global platforms. Our company specializes on creative solutions in a broad scope of practices such as architecture, industrial, graphic and interior design; object d´art and audiovisual production focusing on generating increased impact and sales.

Erick Saucedo

 52 (55) 67307649

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We are a group of professionals with almost 20 years of experience on the Industrial and Automotive sector, providing solutions in the field of Quality and Performance Development and Improvement for the organization.

From 2002 up to 2010 QH managed the Ford Supplier Learning Institute Mexico, training more than 400 Automotive suppliers in Mexico, representing more than 80% of the total installed base in the Country.

Since 2013 QH received approval from Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM) as sole trainers for different courses required by HAM Suppliers in Mexico, US, and Canada.

In our portfolio we have more than 50 training courses for the Automotive sector. All developed in -House by our experts, always on last versions and focused to the compliance of the AIAG, and now also with Ford Mexico and Honda (HAM). Depending on the Customer requirements.

We have the tools and methods that help improve operations, allowing companies to obtain: Loss and scrap reduction, improved management of your operation, and increased uniformity of product / service provided.

Our offices are located in the City of Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. We are located right in the heart of the Country. This geographic advantage allows us to move promptly with all our customers.

As a company we have obtained important achievements:

Automotive Division

We are the first 100% Mexican company to sign an agreement with "Ford Motor Company Mexico" to manage and operate the "Ford Supplier Learning Institute Mexico” from 2002 to 2010, where we coordinated and managed all quality and technical training to more than 400 automotive industry suppliers in Mexico, representing more than 80% of all automotive suppliers in the country.We carry a catalog of more than 50 courses for the Automotive Sector, with our materials always on latest versions and focused on the requirements of Ford and on compliance with requirements of AIAG and the Automotive industry in general.

Our trainers have the expertise and knowledge required to provide all training to fully and effectively support in the company processes.

We manage training schemes which allow our customers to train their personnel in an open manner by choosing the date, location, and particular course. We adapt ourselves to their needs in order to provide better service.

Training Matrixes

We have structured our courses according to the Technical Area to whom they are addressed, as well as their classification for the Automotive Fields.

Likewise, we carry an annual schedule of open courses, having as an option to provide any training session on-site.

Organizational development

We provide training and consulting on organizational development to help all members thrive both personally and withing the organization.

Rodolfo Grünberger Reynoso

 (461) 613 6377

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Agencia de marketing y publicidad, ofrecemos servicio en las áreas de diseño gráfico, consultoría en mercadotecnia, construcción de marcas, desarrollo de campañas publicitarias y de comunicación, diseño de paginas web y presentaciones interactivas, producción de audio y video, así como la organización de eventos corporativos, lanzamiento de productos y convenciones de ventas.

Áreas de especialización

Diseño gráfico y web, consultoría en marketing, marketing digital, social media, producción de eventos corporativos, stands y material punto de venta, consultoría comercial y para exportación, relaciones públicas, comunicación interna y externa.

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 Trazos Creativos


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