Modebo works for energy efficiency; we believe that one of the most compelling and cheapest ways to reduce the environmental impact in the world is improve the energy performance. We focus in schools, offices, hotels and commercial buildings or any kind of construction with more than 5,000 dollars in electric bill. Modebo empowers you to identify 20x faster your electric misuse and make smart energy efficiency decisions.

Our products and services:

Modebo develops VCE that provides detailed information on energy consumption, improving energy performance in commercial buildings. VCE is a disruptive, scalable and affordable technology, providing valuable information to achieve energy savings, through an easy and friendly app. The VCE system provides and easy SaaS interface, desktop and mobile platforms, plug&play Hardware (no configuration required), no need for long-term complex training and months of onsite consulting, easy to scale and tailor to your building needs to get savings up to 30% without extra investment.

Virtual Chief Engineer VCE is an intelligent system designed with hardware, software and mobile and web app that works in the following manner: Modebo transforms the actual way to do energy consultancy because we do it easier, cheaper, and faster, we transform a complex service in a high quality product to all.

Modebo is setting trends in technology and engineering thanks to promote sustainable buildings, generation and processing information (big data) through advanced software. We are changing the international way of consumption.

Marisol Contreras Inclán