Global TWO, raises as an external option to your company for outsourcing of logistic services, the actual global situation has forced companies to focus on their principal skills, as production, new products development and design, bottle neck solutions, etc.

Global TWO is able to support your company in matters such as: coordination, hiring, control and monitoring of logistic suppliers with the advantage of a personal treat, time control and coordination of all the members of the logistic Chain as shipping and airlinecompanies, customs agents, lcl, haulage contractors, nationals and internationals. In this way your company could easily channel their efforts to your principal activity or redistribute their personnel time in other. Critical areas.

In Global TWO we understand that each client in unique, thats why we can design your operations as needed, training the company with especific logistic information and a constant detail of your operations since the moment you load abroad to your door and viceversa. Global TWO also counts with the service of trading company for your imports and exports, using national and international logistic machinery of our company as an usefull tool for your business, getting a full service for your international operations.

We have the expertise to send any product from Mexico to Germany and viceversa giving security and confidence.

We recently sign an agreement with FORMOSA GLOBAL GOODWILL LOGISTICS CHINA as part of an alliance of service development to external commerce from Shangai to Mexico.

In Germany we developed a new comercial alliance with CGATE LOGISTICS GMBH. We also had alliances with companies in Italy, Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic and England where we provide products and services hired from Mexico to offer our foreign clients.

We opened an office in Altamira port so we can solidify our operations from North Atlantic to the center of the country, in addition since last year we can offer custom services.

Roberto Misael Soriano Letepichia

 Global two


We are pleased to welcome and introduce our company Praxis Logistica located in Mexico.

Praxis Logistica is assembled with a team of qualified and experienced professionals in all modes of transportation, as well as marketing and operations and has a keen interest in establishing a long term business relationship with your company.

Our objective is to provide reliable and quality services supported by dedication and professionalism; we offer personalized services in order to create an atmosphere of confidence and efficiency giving to our customers the best service in all area.

As an International Freight Forwarding, Logistics Management Company, our services include:

You can count on our full support from Mexico, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. We kindly invite you all to save and keep our contact information into your suppliers contact list

Mariana Alonso

 + 52 (55) 9000 1718

 + 52 (044) 55 14862954



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